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Dear Doctor, Ive been suffering since May 2007 till now. Starting from May I had 3 months of fever, then we went to Calcutta Belle Vue Hospital and they gave me a TB trial. We came back to Bangladesh afterwards. Right after taking the AKT-4 med for 2 months I had a swelling in the left lower neck that is right above the collar bone. On Jan 4 2008, the surgeons here drained the pus out after an FNAC. Again 15 days later, another swelling started right below the previous one, that is on the left chest region below the collar bone. I again went for draining on 26th Feb. Now Im going for dressings of both the regions. I have provided my pus and sputum for MDR testing. Its going to come in two moinths they say. Im still on the 4 drugs along with streptomycin. Am I being treated in the proper manner doctor? Will the swelling occur again? And will my operated areas heal completely? Because the doctor says stiching wont help. Marzia