Can AIDS spread through homosexuality?


Any unprotected penetrative sexual contact with a HIV positive person, man or woman, exposes the individual to the risk of HIV infection. However the risk of acquiring infection through the sexual route is not anywhere near 100%. In other words, just because you had homosexual sex with another person on 3 or 4 occasions it does not mean that you will suffer from HIV/AIDS.
Firstly if the other person was not infected with HIV there is no chance that he will spread that particular infection. Secondly if the sex did not involve anal or oral intercourse, the possibility of transmission of HIV infection is negligible. And even with oral or anal intercourse, if a condom was used properly, from beginning to end, then the risk of transmission of the infection is very very low. Finally I must assure you that even if penetration did take place, either orally or anally, and no condom was used, and if one partner was HIV positive, still it is by no means certain that you got infected.
I would advise you to consult an AIDS counselor and also to get yourself tested for HIV if you feel that you may have been exposed. One negative test soon after the exposure does not rule out infection as it takes 6 to 12 weeks for the test to become positive. So another test is needed 3 months after the last exposure.
I hope you have not got infected, and if you have been lucky, please get advice and ensure that you take all precautions to ensure that you have a safe and healthy sex life. If the test comes positive, it must be repeated atleast once, and preferably twice and you can be considered positive only if all the tests are positive.