Dry and scaly skin

I am suffering from a dry and scaly skin all over the body since childhood. It is very bad in the lower legs, arms, hips and waist. I have been taking vitamin A and E for the same. I have been avoiding soap and tried various creams, but in vain. Kindly advise.


It seems from your complaints that you may have a disease that is inherited and therefore runs in families. You make no mention of any other member of the family being affected which is the case in several situations. If my assessment is right you need nothing more than keep applying moisturizers preferably soon after your bath while the skin is still a little damp. That way the moisture will be retained in the skin. And this may be particularly required in dry climates when the problem would perhaps get aggravated. You may also use with benefit a mixture of glycerine and water mixed in equal quantities, soon after your bath.
I do not think the vitamins would be of much use and some of the other medicines are toxic to be used if your problem is moderately severe. The steps explained will keep your skin in good shape though this cannot be termed as a cure for the genetic condition called Ichthyosis.