Degeneration of knee

I occasionally (once in 2 months) have slight pain in my right knee while coming down the stairs. I recently went to an Ortho, he checked by twisting my leg and told me that this is normal degeneration process of knee, (Carthage). He said that sports are an abuse of Knees. I used to play lot of outdoor games in my school and college. I am 31 now and have a desk job. He asked me to avoid too much of stairs and related activities. Am I not too young to have this problem?


You are right; you are too young for 'normal degeneration' of the knee.One would expect symptomatic changes to occur beyond 35 or 40 years of age.You still have a long time to go. The only point against you is that you had a very active life when you were younger and now you sit whole day. That is not good. This could make you symptomatic earlier. Pain while climbing down hill is usually because of either cartilage damage or because of the kneecap cartilage flaking.This is fairly common in people of your age and symptoms normally settle after special exercises for theknee. You could go to a physiotherapist or orthopaedic surgeon and ask to be taught isometric exercises for the quadriceps muscle (front of thigh muscle).The remedy in your case could be to maintain some physical activity everyday or at least half an hour two or three times a week. If you know swimming, that is perhaps one of the best exercises. In acute pain it is better to avoid climbing uphill or down hill or even sitting on your haunches (as on an Indian toilet seat).These activities cause a lot of stress on your knee. Hence, avoid them till your pain settles.