Skin - Psoriasis treatment

My son aged 16 years has been showing some scaly patches on his scalp. These patches are itchy and scaly. Initially there were one or two now there are 7 to 8 patches on his scalp. We are treating him with 10% salycylic acid gel, coal tar, emosene ointment. However, he is not showing any response. Now there is also a patch appearing on his leg below the knee which is black and rough. It started as a small pinhead size, now it is as big as a rupee coin. Please advise the correct way to treat the problem, and precautions that we should take.


It looks like that your child is suffering from psoriasis. To confirm it, presence of clinical signs and sometimes a skin biopsy is required. Since this disorder's course is not predictable, but may have remissions which may last for years together, your son needs to be under the care of a good dermatologist. It is a non-contagious disease, at home simple application of oils or vaseline and exposure to sunlight can be tried. Avoid using irritating drugs or oils topically, which may cause the flare up.