What are the causes for multiple vision in the eyes?

I need some help for my eyes. I am having multiple vision in each eye. Is eye transplantatation required? I had squint in my right eye and right eye was operated in 1989. Whether multiple vision in eyes will lead to become blind in future? I do not have problems in viewing things as I have been accustomed with this. Do I need a cornea surgery? What is the treatment for it?


There are multiple reasons for polyopia (multiple vision in eyes), the
commonest being cataracts. The patient has not stated his age, which would
help to identify the possible cause of his complaint. It is advisable that
he is examined by an ophthalmologist who will then be able to advise him as
to the cause of the multiple images, whether mono-ocular or binocular and
whether his requirement is for glasses, cataract surgery or corneal transplantation.