What is the management of atrophic rhinitis?

I am suffering from Atrophic Rhinitis for a long time. On the adsvise of the doctor I had surgery for DNS and polyp removal but still the problem remains and I have malodor in my nose. What should be the treatment for this? Is there any at all? Please also refer me to someone in India as I want to get rid of this. With growing age, what type of problem can arise with atrophic rhinitis?


There is an operation called Yougs operation and it can be performed on you and you can find a lot of relief from it. Ask your ENT surgeon to let you know about this surgery. Atrophic rhinitis is not very common now a days and try to take a lot of proteins, iron, B complex and clean the nose daily with a solution of water with Baking powder (One spoon) and a pinch of salt. Then apply some nasal drops called Glucose gycerine, a 20% solution of it should be enough for you. Try it.