How can I reduce fat from my face?

I am a 20 years old boy of medium built. I was very thin in my childhood and my face was somewhat triangular. But over the years I have become slightly fluffy. People say that my face has become round. I would like to reduce fat from my cheeks. What kind of physical exercises can I do that would reduce the weight from my entire body and automatically shed off the weight from my cheeks also? Are there any particular means to reduce fat from the cheeks? I am very fond of singing and my music teacher has asked me not to consume sour foods as they would damage my voice. I know that sour foods like juices, tomatoes, etc. melt fat but I can't consume them. Please suggest some ways to melt out the fat from my body especially from my cheeks? Presently I drink liquor-tea and honey daily. Do these help in melting the fat?


I would suggest that you do whole body exercises to keep fit and reduce your body weight to melt away the fat you want to. There is no safe and sure way to that except physical exercises. The face has the thinnest muscles so even a slight body weight that you reduce will show the results. You can also try the following exercises to reduce your cheeks.
1. Blow a balloon.
2. Suck in cheeks sharply and let go.
3. Puff your cheeks and hold for a few seconds.
Do all these exercises for about 5-7 counts three times a day. I am sorry to say but your drinks will not melt your fat.