I am unable to attain full erection, what to do?

I recently got married and am trying to lead a normal sexual life but I am facing problems in controlling ejaculation and most of the times I am not able to attain full erection. I start with foreplay and by the time I am ready for the actual intercourse, I ejaculate, thereby causing me constant embarrassment. Since I do not have any prior sexual experience, I thought this is a temporary phase and would get resolved. But I have tried 4 or 5 times and most of the time I either eject the fluid even before the intercourse or as soon as I insert. Now I am hesitant to indulge in sexual activities and this is causing a lot of misunderstanding between me and my wife. Please advise, is this a common problem or do I need to undergo any medication? I do not have any medical problem (history) and I am not under any medication. I work for long hours, could that be a problem? As I remember from my past experience, when ever I used to masturbate, I used to get full erection and could with hold the secretion of the fluid. Is there any serious problem, I do not have anyone to consult?


If your erections are normal during masturbation but insufficient during attempted intercourse with your new wife, it could mean one of two things. Either it is a situational problem, or your assessment of your masturbatory erections is inaccurate. One does not require a rigid erection to masturbate, but for sexual intercourse, one does, especially if it means deflowering a virgin brides hymen. Today, we have machines that can measure erections. To tell what the problem in your particular case is, you will need an andrological evaluation. You will find detailed information about all this on www.andrology.com.

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