Why is my daughter getting fever in spite of the tuberculoma being cured?

My 7-year-old daughter affected by a tuberculoma in the brain. After taking medicines for 10 months, we had a second round of CT-scan, which showed the tuberculoma cured. I suspect she got infected from my brother because he is fighting with the disease for the past 5 years and she plays with him usually. My brother also suffers from diabetes. Has the tuberculoma cured completely or not, because she complains of fever every night from the past 7 days. How can I confirm that there is no further danger and everything is all right? Is there any diagnosis for that?


If your daughter had a confirmed tuberculoma and she has received the complete treatment and repeat scan shows resolution, then we presume that it has healed. Chances of recurrence may be there if the treatment has not been complete. This 7 day fever could be because of something else. Please see your pediatrician who shall be able to guide you.