Is it fine to shout at the maid in front of my children?

I am 32 years old and I have 3 children (a girl 5 years old and twins boys 3 years old). I work as an assistant and accountant. I have a lot of stress at my work place and sometimes I shout at my maid in front of the children when at home. My children don't react but they worry about me so they come to me to console me. I know it is best not to shout and I am afraid that this could have an impact on them. What should I do?


I appreciate your concern about getting very angry and shouting. The main impact of this, would be on children, and on your own self as regular episodes of this nature would make you upset. Try and evaluate the key reasons that make you angry and then work on them. If you can pre-empt the situation then you can consciously avoid the anger response to them.