How safe is laser treatment for hair removal?

I have hair on my nipple and the lower abdomen. I don't have any other problem. My periods are very regular. Since 2 years I am taking permanent hair removal laser treatment. I have taken around 12 sitting. The hair have reduced by almost 75%. I got married recently. I would like to know how safe is it? Can I go for some more sittings? I am planning to have a child. Is it dangerous to breast feed the child after undergoing laser? Is there any chance of getting breast cancer in the future?


Laser Hair removal is very safe and you can take as many sittings as you may require. You can continue with more sittings.
There is no harm in starting a family. However, I would suggest that you find out the cause of excessive hair. At times, excessive ovarian hormone causes increase in hair growth in unwanted places. Please consult a Gynaec Endocrinologist.

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