What should be done when bitten by a dog?

My husband’s brother was bitten by a dog two months back and he has taken 3 injections as suggested by the doctor. After one and a half months, the dog died and he went to another doctor and took 4 injections (one per week). Now, he is very much upset with this. I would like to know if he requires any further treatment?


When an unknown, street (not pet) dog bites a person, it should be assumed that it was rabid and not wait for it to die. In such situations, 6 injections of Rabipur or Verorab should be administered on Day 0, 3, 7, 14, 30 and 90. In any case, now that seven anti-rabies injections have been given, no further treatment is required. I hope that tetanus toxoid was also given when the patient was bitten.