Why is my brother always in an irritable mood?

My 18 years old brother is doing his graduation. Recently, we have observed some changes in his behaviour and attitudes. He has also started having beer in the company of his friends for fun. If we question him regarding anything, he starts shouting unnecessarily. How should we counsel him?


It is important to talk to him about his irritable mood and ask him if he notices the change in his behavior that you notice. If yes, then what is his take on it? Recommend that you take him to a psychiatrist. There are reasons for his change in behavior even though you did not specify what exact changes you noticed. I would explore if he has any psychiatric issues like manic depressive states, intermittent explosive syndrome and so on. I would also address his drinking problem. He would benefit from depakote and naltrexone at this time. Also we need to find out if he is smoking marijuana or experimenting with any other drugs. Talk to a psychiatrist and help him. Good luck.