Should we get my 3 months old daughter’s patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) closed?

My 3 months old daughter's heart beat was not normal when she was born. After another week, the doctor said that the murmur heard had reduced and she would be normal in two-three months. She never showed any symptoms of congenital heart disease. She is otherwise fine and healthy and weighs 7 kg now. Her echocardiography test shows a small PDA left to right flow (Gradient 64/32 mmHg); heart rate is 136/min. Other details are mentioned as normal. Should we consult a cardiologist?


At some stage we have to close this small PDA. Usually this is after 1 year of age. Most of these small PDA can now be closed by catheter techniques thereby avoiding surgery. PDA surgery is considered a cure so the family can be reassured. They need to be in touch with the Pediatric Cardiologist till a decision is taken to close this.