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    Dr Satish Saluja is a Consultant Neonatologist at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.

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It is not common in this age group to have 5 - 6 episodes of viral infections every year, may be your child gets them little more. I am sure your...

Answered on : 01 Dec 2007

If she is tolerating the diapers well, you can continue to use them, make sure she does not lie soaked in urine and stool for too long. If she...

Answered on : 20 Nov 2007

Even though taking Polo tablets may not do any harm, it is not a good idea to consume these regularly.

Answered on : 16 Nov 2007

The best way is to stop her bottle feeding habit (if she is taking bottle feeds), otherwise reduce the intake of milk and milk products. Dont...

Answered on : 03 Oct 2007

Your daughter seems to be suffering from Hyper-reactive disease, which is commonly referred to as wheezing. Most of the babies suffering from this...

Answered on : 30 Aug 2007

The treatment for bacterial bronchopneumonia in children is a course of antibiotics. However, if it is a viral infection, these are self-limiting...

Answered on : 09 Aug 2007

The body temperature of one-month-old baby is 36.5 - 37.5 degree Celsius. Getting hiccups is normal.

Answered on : 19 Jul 2007

Here are the answers to your questions:
1. X-ray sometimes may be suggestive of tuberculosis but is not always confirmatory. We may have to...

Answered on : 04 Jul 2007

At this age she needs less of milk and more of semisolids and cereals. You should try to correct her iron deficiency by supplementing adequate...

Answered on : 29 Jun 2007

If your child is anaemic, we should confirm that this is iron deficiency and nothing else, and this could be done by a simple blood test. If she...

Answered on : 23 Jun 2007
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