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    Dr Sujeet Jha, currently based at Bristol, England, U.K., has graduated from Bihar, India in 1994 and moved to England in 1996 where he had higher training in Medicine in different specialist areas of Medicine and has been working in the field of Diabetes and Endocrine medicine in different hospitals in the United Kingdom like St George’s Hospital, London, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, and Bristol teaching Hospitals. He is currently working as Specialist in Diabetes and Endocrine at Bristol Royal Infirmary, U.K. 


    He obtained his MRCP from London, U.K., and completed Post Graduate Certificate of Diabetes training at the University of Brighton, England. His area of interest includes Obesity, Pregnancy and Diabetes, young hypertensive and cardiovascular risk management amongst others. 


    He is a member of professional bodies like American Diabetes Association, Endocrine society, USA, Diabetes, U.K and Royal College of Physicians and Fellow of Royal society Of Medicine. 


    He has extensive experience in educating health professionals and patients in the Diabetes and related fields. He has been extensively involved in research and is an active member of a charity organisation for prevention and treatment of infectious disease Leishmaniasis prevalent in Bihar. 


    He is relocating back to India with a vision to provide world class management to the millions of Diabetics in India and to revolutionalize the way we look at Obesity. He is due to start work as Consultant by early 2007 in Diabetes and Endocrinology in Max Group of Hospitals in National Capital Region (Delhi).

Questions Answered by me

Daonil (glibenclaimide is a drug used in diabetes to lower blood sugar. Please note that most patients should start with metformin rather than...

Answered on : 24 Feb 2011

Yes and you can also take SR 1 gm twice a day. This can happen in diabetes as sometimes there is excess release of glucose overnight (hepatic...

Answered on : 23 Feb 2011

In summary you can still have type 1 diabetes but most likely you have type 2 diabetes. It’s very important to know some patients with type 1...

Answered on : 30 Dec 2010

I think the dosages can be increase as mentioned below. You should also check HbA1C which gives up three months average of sugar control.

Answered on : 09 Dec 2010

Lipid levels can be reduced by lifestyle changes, medications, or a combination of these approaches. Try to make some changes in their day-to-day...

Answered on : 17 Nov 2010

Most of the medication you are taking is combination of metformin and glimiperide. Metformin can cause diarrhoea. But your earlier tablets did...

Answered on : 11 Nov 2010

There is no direct relation with asthma and Fenolip or even erection difficulties. You should get your fasting sugar HbA1c to rule out diabetes....

Answered on : 09 Nov 2010

For Diabetes
Along with life style changes Metformin has been found to very safe drug
1.It prevent progression of Diabetes

Answered on : 06 Nov 2010

Carbophage contains Metformin, which is the only medication that can result in weight loss. Side effect of this medication includes abdominal...

Answered on : 03 Nov 2010

Allopathic medicines comes in the market based on sceince or clinical trials
Your weakness has nothing to do lipds levelm I wopuld suggest...

Answered on : 03 Sep 2010
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