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President, Indian Association of Occupational Health (AP) & Indian Federation of...
Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Wellness expert, Pune
Former Sr. Technical Director at National Informatics Centre, New Delhi and...




The World Health Organization has propelled a drive to try to blot out...


The Indian Supreme Court has prohibited clinical trials of new drugs until a proper...


The use of disposable gowns and gloves in the ICU by health care workers can cut down MRSA...

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A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.


~Spanish proverb


Should corporate hospitals be forced to provide free treatment to 20% of their patients?:

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Keep feet clean and dirt free. Exercise the feet regularly. Use alternate hot and cold water for a...
  Holding the tongue with the thumb and index finger and gently pulling it forward....
Hair follicles are made of protein. Therefore, it is advisable to eat a diet rich in protein. Have...