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  • What is frigidity?

    Frigidity is a condition in which a woman is unable to achieve or sustain sexual arousal. She may not be able to exhibit adequate sexual desire, arousal, orgasm or desire for intercourse.

  • What are its causes?

    Unskilled or uncaring partner. Communication problems with the partner. Anxiety, depression, fear of pregnancy, feelings of guilt and shame about sex. Fear of pain or infection. A physical cause that inflicts pain during intercourse. Reduction in oestrogen levels in menopause. Deep-seated psychological problems. Previous surgery, such as removal of the uterus, may also lead to the inability to perform sexually.

  • How is it treated?

    Treatment consists of psychological and physical examination that would help to identify the underlying cause for the problem. Questions related to relationships, attitudes towards sex and any physical symptoms if present may be asked. A pelvic examination may be done if needed.In some cases counselling sessions by a trained psychologist may help to cure the problem.