Athlete's foot

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  • What is athlete's foot?

    Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the foot, and is called so as it is commonly seen in the feet of athletes.

  • What are the symptoms?

    There is a red, scaly, cracked rash between the toes along with an unpleasant odour. The rash itches, burns and scratching makes it raw and weepy. It is common in adolescents.

  • Why does it occur?

    The fungus grows well on warm, damp skin. The sweating due to exercise leads to ideal conditions for the growth of fungus in the skin folds of the toes encased in shoes.

  • What is the treatment?

    An anti-fungal cream prescribed by the doctor should be applied twice daily for three to four weeks. The treatment should be continued at least a week after the disappearance of the rash. With proper treatment, it takes around 3 weeks for a cure.The feet must be kept dry. Wearing open sandals or chappals helps keeping the skin dry. Cotton socks help by absorbing the sweat and must be changed frequently. Avoid scratching as it only serves to delay healing. Washing feet in warm water with vinegar is an old home-remedy.