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  • What is fetishism?

    Fetishism describes intense sexual fantasies, urges or behaviour involving the use of nonliving objects. In this, the person experiences sexual excitement leading to orgasm from contact with a part of the body of a woman or some article belonging to her that normally has no sexual influence. This condition occurs almost exclusively among men.

  • What are the common fetishes?

    Common fetishes are feet, shoes and articles of intimate female dress like a brassiere, or they may be erotic fascination with common latex balloons and inflatable toys. In some cases the mere picture of the fetish object provides sufficient stimulus while at times stealing the article affords adequate sexual satisfaction.

  • How old is the concept of fetishism?

    The term dates back to very early societies in which trees and icons were deemed to possess a soul. Supernatural attributes were ascribed to material and inanimate objects known as fetishes. They consisted of fur, feathers, hair, bone, or teeth of an animal. In some cases the belief was so definitely crystallized about the object that it merged into idolatry.