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Signs that indicate approach of a migraine headache

Some people have clear signs that a migraine headache is coming. And they may get these warnings as early as 48 hours before the headache strikes. These early warning signs are called "prodromal," meaning precursory. Possible signs include:


1. Irritability


2. Depression


3. Frequent yawning


4. Feeling especially excitable


5. If headaches plague you, keep a daily headache diary. That way you can look back a day or two before a headache starts for signs of what may have triggered your headache. Record any irritability or other prodromal signs. Also, if you think weather is a factor, record any of the common weather and environmental triggers responsible like changes in humidity, changes in temperature, storms, extremely dry conditions and dusty environments. Keep a detailed diary for three months to allow the variable patterns of your headaches to show up.