Top 5

Ways to de-stress for your family


1.   Make time to pause - Encourage your family to build relaxation into their days. Even 10 minutes counts. Flip through magazines, sit and talk, or take a relaxing walk -- anything to help you pause and switch gears.


2.     Get everyone to bed -Too little sleep can make anyone tired and cranky. Set a soothing routine – like reading a book – and a regular bedtime that allows for adequate hours of sleep as per age:

Kids 6 and younger: 11 to 13

Grade-schoolers: 10 or 11

Teens: 8 to 10

Adults: 8 or so


3.     Be open about day-to-day concerns, but stay upbeat. - When you're stressed about finances, your kids can be, too. Don’t let an unattainable temptation for an out-of-town vacation dampen your plan to have fun wherever you are. Let kids know things are going to be OK in the long run.


4.     Be honest to your child. - If an argument between you and your spouse upsets your child, acknowledge it. Remind her that everyone argues sometime –– and what's important is that you'll work it out.


5.     Show your kids how to cope by dealing with your own stress in a healthy way - Acknowledge when life feels hectic, and make a point to relax and take care of yourself. Your little ones will be watching, and you'll feel better too.