movement of a body part away from the median plane of the body (an imaginary line drawn form head to toe dividing the body plane into half)

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    the eating of dry foodstuffs.

    a speech defect marked by an alteration in accent.

    an operation to prevent the contracture of a straight-line scar.

    loss of control of the bladder or bowel.

    a collection of fluid in a sacculated cavity, commonly the scrotum

    a collection of pus in the pancreas usually related to its inflammation.

    abnormal noises (ringing, whistling, hissing) in the ears.

    a doctor specializing in administration of and related techniques.

    the amount of a drug given at one time given at one time

    a chemical substance that causes dilatation of the blood vessels (structures carrying blood to different parts of the body)

    the creation of an opening in the intestine by an operation to permit the expulsion of the intestinal contents.

    normal death of cells or tissues as a result of changes associated with development, aging or use.

    a pictorial representation of the extent to which two or more quantities are mutually inclusive or exclusive.

    rays having a wavelength beyond the violet end of the visible spectrum.

    a systematic classification of living things or organisms.