differing from the normal

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    the process of developing, educating, learning or training new responses in an individual.

    the surgical removal of part of each vas deferens as a means of permanent sterilization.

    feeding on living organisms.

    the rate at which a sediment is deposited from a solution.

    an agent that promotes secretion.

    the removal of  calcium salts from bones or teeth.

    one of the contributing causes in any action.

    a substance formed by the mixing of carbon monoxide with haemoglobin. Its formation prevents the normal transfer of carbon dioxide and oxygen during the circulation of blood.

    an abnormally large numbers of leucocytes or white blood cells in the blood as observed in infections

    removal of the contents of a body cavity.

    a dead body

    a diet containing limited amounts of fat , generally prescribed for obese individuals ,those suffering from malabsorption states and those with atherosclerosis.

    the study and practice of medicine as it applies to physiologic problems peculiar to aviation.

    the liberation of the foetus from the lower birth canal in a normal delivery.

    fat cell.