a collection of pus, usually associated with redness, swelling and pain.

Also Read

    mucous and other fluids expelled by coughing.

    lack of desire or craving.

    an antibody that seems to inhibit reproduction of trypanosome; found in rats

    an abnormal love for or morbid impulse towards some specific object, place or action.

    the application of high-frequency electric currents to produce heat

    an action that produces an effect that is intended to alter the course of a pathologic process.

    inflammation of the prostate.

    any abnormal space or opening in or between parts.

    the excretion of calcium in urine

    a drug derived from coca or prepared synthetically, used as a stimulant

    the organ of voice production in the throat

    having a disagreeable odour and taste.

    the process of differential staining of chromosomes of cells to reveal the characteristic patterns of bands that permit identification of individual chromosomes and recognition of missing segments

    1. The process of joining two surfaces esp. of a wound. 2. Bands that connect opposing surfaces in the lung and abdominal cavities. 3. Molecular attraction between two bodies that are in contact.

    an anaemic condition in which the normally oval RBC's are shaped like a sickle; there is increased breakdown of iron and susceptibility to bacterial infections.