a collection of pus, usually associated with redness, swelling and pain.

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    a ring of muscular fibres surrounding the anus.

    TPA is a protein that is injected into the vein during specific conditions like heart attack and stroke, which helps to dissolve blood clots.

    excessive development of breast in males due to hormonal imbalance

    a state of temporary abolition of function

    referring to the relationship between nerve and muscle.

    the science of the form and structure of an organism.

    a mature red blood cell.

    one who is skilled in sanitation and public health.

    a state marked by slow development of mind and body.

    Fear of carrying and giving birth to a malformed infant.

    a term for a peripheral tissue that receives nerve impulses

    a gland behind the stomach secreting insulin into the blood  and producing a digestive fluid

    a membranous structure that envelops an organ, a joint, or any other part.

    a layer of the eye ball between the retina and the sclera.

    the dried leaves and flowering tops of Menthe piperita used for flavouring and having healing properties.