deviation from the normal pattern

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    a branch of medicine concerned with the medical or surgical management of obesity and associated diseases

    the final stage of cell division that begins when migration of chromosomes to the poles of the cell has been completed.

    a rounded mass of protoplasm within the cytoplasm of a plant or animal cell.

    an occurence of any sort in relation to a disease.

    a swelling of the neck resulting from enlargement of the thyroid gland.

    temporary loss of consciousness due to severe head injury.

    an enlargement or knot on a nerve etc. containing an assemblage of nerve cells.

    the rate at which a sediment is deposited from a solution.

    one of the highly poisonous salts.

    a glycoprotein formed and stored in the liver and present in blood helping in coagulation.

    excessive development of breast in males due to hormonal imbalance

    promoting the expulsion of waste matters

    a mental disorder characterised by a false belief or impression that a person holds with conviction.

    the excretion of calcium in urine

    toxic to kidney cells