an ancient system of therapy where long thin needles are inserted at pressure points in the body to cure a disease.

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    sampling of the chorionic villi of a growing embryo for genetic analysis.

    inflammation of the middle ear.

    removal of an important brain part  resulting in  the absence of normal brain functions.

    a firm flexible connective tissue  lining the joints, also forming the ear

    diet designed for patients with renal failure.

    having a disagreeable odour and taste.

    antibodies produced against the host's own cells which are mistaken to be foreign bodies.

    the naval.

    the primary enamel cuticle consisting of two extremely thin layers, covering the entire crown of the newly erupted tooth.

    a mature red blood cell.

    to become powdery by losing the water of crystallization on exposure to dry atmosphere

    an acute inflammatory condition of the skin,  which occurs when a person is exposed to an allergen he is hypersensitive to.

    a keel-shaped structure; the ridge of the breastbone.

    a malignant tumour of the retinal cells.

    a state of general restlessness or excessive movement. .