an ancient system of therapy where long thin needles are inserted at pressure points in the body to cure a disease.

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    below the threshold of perception or excitation.


    a microscopic organism multiplying in living cells and causing diseases.

    attachment of one DNA strand to another.

    secretion of tears.

    partial unconsciousness.

    administration of drugs prior to anaesthesia to reduce apprehension and produce sedation.

    the act of stretching.

    a portion of the small intestine.

    a greenish-yellow fungus substance, obtained from fermenting malt and used as a fermenting agent.

    a plant whose parts are used as an intoxicant or hallucinogen.

    having the property for contracting

    occuring once per day

    infection of the central nervous system by syphilis causing bacteria.

    a contagious and fatal viral disease especially of dogs, transmissible through the saliva to humans and causing convulsions and death.