the incorporation or soaking in of substances (solids, liquids, gases, light or heat) by a system

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    an agent that causes irritation of the skin in order to relieve symptoms of swelling

    an agent destructive to tumours.

    a term for a peripheral tissue that receives nerve impulses

    a sudden involuntary contraction of one or more muscles;

    loss of memory particularly long term memory; an inability to recall past information.

    a substance produced by one micro-organism,  which stops the growth of other organisms.

    a cramping pain especially in the leg.

    to breathe with difficulty, with a whistling sound.

    obstructed nasal respiration, especially in the new born infant.

    the process of identifying the relative positions of sites or elements.

    inflammation of the joints of the hands or feet

    the process of carrying in the womb between conception and birth.

    an instrument used in a surgery using the local application of intense cold for anaesthesia or therapy.

    any substance, such as liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide snow, or a low temperature instrument, the application of which causes destruction of tissue by freezing.

    a yellow elastic fibrous mucoprotein that is the major connective tissue protein of elastic structures