the incorporation or soaking in of substances (solids, liquids, gases, light or heat) by a system

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    a medication used in the treatment of depression

    the appearance on otherwise normal skin of white patches of varied sizes, often symmetrically distributed and bordered by areas of increased pigmentation.

    a parasitic worm found in the intestine of men.

    Preventive treatment against disease

    one of the many ways of measuring or describing an object or evaluating a subject.

    seeing of the inside of the air passages through a bronchoscope which is a fibre-optic tube with a light source.

    a member of the dwarf family of equatorial Africa and parts of Southeast Asia.

    an instrument utilizing microphones, amplifiers and filters for graphically recording the heart sounds.

    Abbreviation for human immunodeficiency virus

    the removal of a tooth.

    pertaining to genes borne on the X chromosome.

    1. The process of joining two surfaces esp. of a wound. 2. Bands that connect opposing surfaces in the lung and abdominal cavities. 3. Molecular attraction between two bodies that are in contact.

    a knife used for cutting the cornea.

    1. a shrinkage or shortening in size. 2. a shortening or increase in tension

    a place of union, usually more or less movable, between two or more bones.