to refrain from the use of certain components of diet, alcohol, drugs or from sexual intercourse

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    diversion of blood via alternate routes or reversed flow, from one vascular bed to another.

    the treatment disorders by psychological means.

    a parasitic micro-organism causing typhus and other febrile diseases.

    the dried leaves and flowering tops of Menthe piperita used for flavouring and having healing properties.

    any deformity of the foot involving the ankle.

    removal (spontaneous or induced) of an embryo or foetus from the uterus before it reaches the stage when it can survive outside the womb

    high blood pressure.

    a structural change in the chromosome caused by a loss of DNA and other protein.

    an eruption of itching due to allergy to foods or drugs, physical agents or psychic stimuli.

    deposition of minerals like iron in the walls of small blood vessels.

    the process of developing, educating, learning or training new responses in an individual.

    examination with the hands, feeling for organs, like feeling the heart or pulse beat.

    examining the bile ducts by means of special X-rays.

    a slight haematoma following a bruise

    fixing of the stomach to the abdominal wall or diaphragm