1. misuse or excessive use of anything. 2. harmful or offensive treatment (physical or sexual) of an individual, eg. child abuse.

Also Read

    the opening from the stomach into the duodenum.

    also called pharyngeal tonsils, it is a collection of uncovered tissue in the region of the back of nose and throat.

    the part of an organ where the nerves and vessels enter and leave.

    any surgical modification of the cornea; the transparent layer in the eye.

    a change in the physical or mental condition of a person, regarded as evidence of a disease.

    a device for controlling the passage of fluid through a pipe, allowing movement in one direction only.

    enlargement of the heart.

    Another name for the drug paracetamol

    an operation to make an opening into the trachea or the wind pipe.

    abnormal tranformation of an adult fully differentiated tissue of one kind into a differentiated tissue of another kind.

    the care and treatment of a patient after an operation, major illness or delivery. This may also include rehabilitation programmes after psychiatric treatment.

    poisoning caused by eating food containing a toxic fungal substance.

    the process that results in propulsion of semen

    inflammation and swelling in the gall bladder

    a benign tumour of mucous or gelatinous tissue.