appendiceal abscess

pus collection around the appendix following an episode of appendicitis

Also Read

    a twisting of the intestine causing obstruction.

    an agent that causes vomiting.

    an operation for delivering a child by cutting through the wall of the abdomen and the uterus.

    two headed; relating to biceps muscles.

    the state of a genetic factor being borne on the Y chromosome.

    1.relating to colon (large intestines). 2.pain in the abdomen particularly in young infants, due to overfeeding and swallowing of air

    one of the paired organs that excrete urine.

    secreting into the blood stream ; the hormonal secretion of a ductless gland.

    denoting bodily or sensory pleasure, not necessarily sexual.

    a device that is placed intravaginally to support the uterus or other pelvic structures

    an instrument utilizing microphones, amplifiers and filters for graphically recording the heart sounds.

    development on the body of a pathogenic agent.

    an electrocardiogram recorded at a distance from the subject being tested; eg. the electrocardiogram obtained through telephone.

    the nerve cell, the functional unit of the nervous system

    morbid attraction for graves.