pus collection around the appendix following an episode of appendicitis

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    a state of temporary abolition of function

    calculation of number of red blood cells (RBC) or white blood cells (WBC) in a cubic millimeter of blood.

    an operation performed on the abdominal wall for cosmetic purposes

    excretion of lactose in the urine.

    a tumorlike depositof elastic tissue

    urinary excretion of sodium.

    a cancerous brain tumour consisting of small,  poorly differentiated cells.

    opening into the skull.

    any disturbance of the rhythm of the heart resulting in over 100 beats /minute.

    relating to, causing or characterised by a rapid pulse.

    slight illness.

    degenerative disease of the retina as in diabetes.

    the appearance of different characteristics in cells which were originally similar; a distinguishing mark especially between species within a genus.

    removal of only a part of lesion by incising or making a cut into it.

    drainage of a part using suction equipment attached to the drain.