pus collection around the appendix following an episode of appendicitis

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    a softly spoken or nearly inarticulate utterance; a soft sound heard over the heart often due to defective heart valves.

    the physical, mental, or legal competence to function

    a form of a gene. The gene for every trait (outward appearance) may have various alleles - like the alleles for the eye colour gene. Alleles are situated at the same location on chromosomes. There

are always two alleles for every trait - one from each parent.

    a receptor in the central nervous system that responds to changes in the fluid ionic concentration of the blood.

    any device used for measuring flows and volumes inhaled and exhaled by the lungs, thus assessing lung function

    a medical procedure in which a small amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the foetus is taken out to check for genetic abnormalities.

    a chamber or cavity connecting other chambers or passages, especially in the heart

    an antibody that seems to inhibit reproduction of trypanosome; found in rats

    A closed sac or envelope containing fluid, usually found  in areas subject to friction.


    a collection of pus in the pancreas usually related to its inflammation.

    a state of equilibrium or balance among various fluids and chemicals in a cell, in tissues or in the body as a whole.

    a plant whose parts are used as an intoxicant or hallucinogen.

    a short, sharp, thorn like process of bone.

    swollen veins at or near the anus, piles.