pus collection around the appendix following an episode of appendicitis

Also Read

    the coagulation of blood in a blood vessel or organ.

    the breastbone.

    the practice of obtaining sexual pleasure by looking at the naked body or genitals of the opposite sex or at erotic acts between others.

    a state of equilibrium or balance among various fluids and chemicals in a cell, in tissues or in the body as a whole.

    a disease caused by Balantidium coli; with symptoms of diarrhoea, dysentery, abdominal pain, and weight loss

    any undesirable or unwanted consequence of a preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic procedure.

    an abnormal increase in the concentration of urea and other nitrogen-containing substances in the blood. Commonly occurs in kidney diseases

    the part of the mind that acts as a conscience and responds to social rules.

    a partition such as that between the nostrils.

    poisoning caused by eating food containing a toxic fungal substance.

    the process of providing or receiving nourishing substances.

    the important part of the cocaine molecule, a topical anaesthetic

    an open sore on the external or internal surface of the body, often forming pus.

    a cancerous brain tumour consisting of small,  poorly differentiated cells.

    any organic compound used as an anaesthetic agent.