pus collection around the appendix following an episode of appendicitis

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    a fungus infection of the hair, skin or nails.

    a triple combination of live measles, mumps and rubella viruses in a suspension, used for immunization against the respective diseases.

    severe constipation, inability to pass faeces or wind

    a benign tumour of mucous or gelatinous tissue.

    an alkaloid found especially in cinchona bark; a bitter drug containing this is used for the treatment of malaria.

    inflammation of the appendix.

    the amount of a drug given at one time given at one time

    a disease caused by deficiency of nicotinic acid, a vitamin B, characterized by cracking of the skin and often resulting in insanity

    needle or catheter drainage of fluid from the pericardium, the membrane covering the heart

    the speration of the components or the parts of mixture by the slow passage through or over a material that adsorbs them differently.

    a  reduction or elimination of public health nuisances such as smoke, loud noise etc

    a hard thick area of skin or tissue; a hard tissue formed around bone ends after a fracture.

    a degenerative brain desease resulting in slow mental deterioration resulting in loss of memory ,motor disturbance and confusion.The condition may ultimately lead to paralysis of limbs and epilepsy.

    a structural change in the chromosome caused by a loss of DNA and other protein.

    morbid attraction for graves.