pus collection around the appendix following an episode of appendicitis

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    a chemical compound (salt) formed by a combination of aluminium, iron, manganese, potassium, sodium etc.

    occurence of bile pigments in the spinal fluid.

    infestation of the skin by the louse

    attachment of one DNA strand to another.

    any of a group of skin diseases characterized by the shedding of bran like scales.

    a severe mental derangement resulting in delusions  and loss of contact with external reality.

    removal of the stapes (a small bone in the inner ear)

    deformity of the hand, with the fingers in a claw-like position.

    TPA is a protein that is injected into the vein during specific conditions like heart attack and stroke, which helps to dissolve blood clots.

    dependence or addiction to alcohol over a long period of time, resulting in impairment of physiological and often, social functioning.

    a nonencapsulated slow growing mass of poorly cellular, collagenous, fibrous tissue and elastic tissue

    blood in the faeces in amounts too small to be seen but detectable by chemical tests.

    an extract

    a condition in which the patient fabricates an illness to attract medical attention. Sufferers seek numerous medical consultations with different doctors.

    1. In a drug combination, a substance added to enhance the activity of the drug. 2. In immunology, an agent that improves the body's immune response to a foreign body.