pus collection around the appendix following an episode of appendicitis

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    a pressure or tension exerted on an object.

    semen expelled in ejaculation

    within or by way of the intestine or gastrointestinal tract.

    removal of the contents of a body cavity.

    a device for studying the interior of the eye ball through the pupil.

    radiologic study of the kidney, ureters and the urinary bladder using a contrast agent

    a membranous structure that envelops an organ, a joint, or any other part.

    loss of sensation in an area or body following the administration of drugs.

    containing or forming pus.

    a condition when the heart is on the right side of the chest rather than the left.

    a discolouration of the skin or mucous membrane.

    the medical science concerned with all aspects of a disease.

    an infectious viral disease that affects the central nervous system and that can cause temporary or permanent paralysis

    presence of pus in the urine.

    mental exaltation