a learning disability characterised by an inability to perform simple mathematical problems.

Also Read

    1. The cutting off of a limb or a part of a limb. 2. In dentistry, removal of the root of a tooth.

    an act of washing or bathing

    the elimination of a substance from the body.

    an acute skin infection characterised by inflammation of the skin , accompanied by pain and fever.

    someone with an antisocial personality.

    a replacement of a part or organ.

    the constant suggestion of a particular idea or thought to a person mostly during hypnosis, to produce some change in the mental or bodily functions.

    the movement of  solvent through a membrane from a lower solute concentration to a higher solute concentration.

    deposit of seminal fluid within the vagina , normally during coitus.

    toxic to kidney cells

    the presence of potassium in the blood.

    the study and practice of medicine as it applies to physiologic problems peculiar to aviation.

    removal of only a part of lesion by incising or making a cut into it.

    an alkaloid used for its stimulating properties.

    poisonous products of certain fungi that cause liver cancer in humans.