the predisposition of an individual towards a greater number of accidents than can be expected of the average person in similar circumstances.

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    pertaining to the causation, induction and development of leukaemia

    a term for any disorder affecting any segment of the nervous system.

    an area of pus in the root of the tooth

    act or conduct of diagnosis, treatment.

    any horny superficial growth.

    physical therapy involving motion and motion exercises.

    enlargement of the heart.

    a place where blood is collected from donors,seperated into different types,stored, and/or prepared for transfusion to the recepient.

    the amount or degree of any quality possessed by the substance.

    a surgical cut in the tissue for examination in such a manner that the entire lesion or affected area is removed.

    inflammation and swelling of the bronchioles.

    swelling of fat in the skin, causing painful swellings.

    excretion of abnormally large amounts of xanthine in the urine.

    a clinic or small hospital.

    of the nature of tetanus.