the psychological state in which a person adjusts his existing knowledge with every fresh experience.

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    inflammation or swelling of colon or large intestines

    the treatment disorders by psychological means.

    any of a variety of proteins found in neural tissue

    a yellow elastic fibrous mucoprotein that is the major connective tissue protein of elastic structures

    an excess of subcutaneous fat in proportion to the body mass.

    the male sex cell containing the genetic information to be transmitted to the offspring.

    a large ductless gland found in the neck, secreting a hormone which regulates growth and development.

    TPA is a protein that is injected into the vein during specific conditions like heart attack and stroke, which helps to dissolve blood clots.

    of the nature of tetanus.

    the appearance of misalignment of the eyes caused by eyelid contours.

    a drug derived from coca or prepared synthetically, used as a stimulant

    the process of removing a mass of cells from patients body for finding out the disease or a problem.

    a disease causing inflammation of the smaller joints, especially the toes, as a result of excessive uric acid  in the blood.

    to create new flow from one structure to the other through a channel.

    a sodium salt of glutamic acid used to flavour food.