a chemical that gives a bitter or sour taste (due to the presence of free hydrogen)

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    a tumorlike depositof elastic tissue

    a term for a medicine taken in doses measured by drops.

    abnormal or pecular in ideas or behaviour

    the type , number and arrangement of teeth in a species.1111

    a wild uncontrollable emotion or excitement.

    the act of breathing;  the process involving the release of energy and carbon dioxide from the oxidation of complex organic substances.

    a hormone produced by the adrenal gland that helps in the regulation of sodium and potassium content in the body.

    a thick yellowish or greenish liquid produced from infected tissue.

    removal of the contents of a body cavity.

    the act of permeating or penetrating into a substance, cell or tissue; of gases, fluids or matter held in solution.

    inflammation of the mucous membrane of the rectum.

    a diet containing limited amounts of fat , generally prescribed for obese individuals ,those suffering from malabsorption states and those with atherosclerosis.

    clinical symptoms observed during certain infectious diseases, assumed to be caused by toxins and other harmful substances released by the infectious agent.

    type of growth in which a part grows more rapidly than the whole.

    one of a group of organic substances, present in minute amounts in natural foodstuffs, that are essential to normal metabolism.