certain bacteria that do not get decolourized by alcohol after having been stained with a dye like the tuberculosis bacteria

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    having a disagreeable odour and taste.

    care aimed at minimising pain and suffering when cure is not possible

    form a visual or mental impression of past events by assembling the evidence for them.

    surgical reconstruction of glans penis

    without fever

    an irregular eruption and swelling on the skin, slightly red, spreading to adjacent areas and accompanied by intense itching.

    difficulty in performing voluntary movements.

    an insatiable impulse to engage in sexual behaviour in a female.

    a substance which reduces surface tension, eg. detergents, antiseptics, emulsifiers.

    administration of drugs prior to anaesthesia to reduce apprehension and produce sedation.

    a training technique that enables an individual to gain control over body functions; based on the learning principle.

    an agent that promotes digestion- breaking up of complex molecules into simple ones for suitable absorption from the intestine.

    the tendency  to form calculi or stones.

    an abnormal dilatation of a blood vessel in which the  wall is comprised of only part of the usual layers. It may result from injury or infection

    a fungus infection of the hair, skin or nails.