certain bacteria that do not get decolourized by alcohol after having been stained with a dye like the tuberculosis bacteria

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    the fold of skin surrounding the tip of the penis or clitoris.

    hardening of a long bone from the centre.

    having the action of softening the faecal matter

    inflammation and swelling of the bronchioles.

    secretion of tears.

    a doctor specializing in administration of and related techniques.

    a fear of corpses.

    the process of providing or receiving nourishing substances.

    capable of being handed down from one generation to another.

    an irregular eruption and swelling on the skin, slightly red, spreading to adjacent areas and accompanied by intense itching.

    a septum or a wall between two parts of an organ or a cavity, usually the chest.

    the removal of waste products

    denoting a disease brought into a region from outside

    fatty acids found in bile, which help in digestion of fats

    absorption of fluid by a solid body without a chemical change in either.