a condition in which painful areas of fat develop beneath the skin.

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    the cell resulting from the union of a sperm and an ovum.

    1. a bubble or swelling on the skin filled with fluid: greater than 100 cm in diameter.

2. a  bulb like structure.

    The type of cells that secrete a substance that is resposible for regulating immune resistance of the body.

    deposit of seminal fluid within the vagina , normally during coitus.

    a small elevation of the skin containing fluid.

    increased density and hardness of dentin, which may occur after the dentin is exposed

    a four-headed muscle at the front of the thigh.

    the windpipe  or trachea divides into two parts, each of which is called bronchus.

    to prove; to try a substance.

    dead tissue that falls off from living flesh.

    the bone that forms the heel.

    an instrument used in a surgery using the local application of intense cold for anaesthesia or therapy.

    one of the paired female reproductive glands containing  the ovum or germ cells.

    the double membrane lining the cavity of the abdomen.

    being, applied or used beneath the skin