removal of the prostate

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    the hard glossy substance covering the exposed portion of the tooth.

    a communication between two blood vessels or tube like structures like intestines.

    an action that produces an effect that is intended to alter the course of a pathologic process.

    having the action of softening the faecal matter

    the condition of being bent, of a limb or a joint.

    abbreviation for the computer based Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System.

    a thin sheet or layer covering or part of a cavity

    making a direct channel or link between the gall bladder and the jejunum

    redness of the face due to exposure to wind.

    surgical removal of a gland-like tissue (adenoid) from the region of the back of nose and throat.

    a grooved metal probe used to control the direction and depth of surgical incisions.

    a disorder of infancy characterized by repeated regurgitation of food, with weight loss or failure to thrive, developing after a period of normal functioning.

    a substance added to food products to prevent chemical change or bacterial action.

    a mental disorder where the person is seized by an irrational fear whenever he has to leave the familiar setting of home.

    1. a structural body made up of three or more interrelated parts. 2. a group of feelings, thoughts, and memories that may be partly unconscious and may strongly influence the behaviour and attitudes.