a sealed container containing a germ-free medicinal solution for injection.

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    a layer of the eye ball between the retina and the sclera.

    reaction of living tissues to changes in pressure.

    relating to nerve cells or fibres of the autonomic nervous system that use norepinephrine as their chemical transmitter

    someone with an antisocial personality.

    a projecting flat rim used for strengthening or attachment.

    a medication used in the treatment of depression

    a blunt-ended surgical instrument usually of metal for exploring a wound or cavity.

    the external genitalia of the female.

    the part of the tooth projecting from gum.

    a hard thick area of skin or tissue; a hard tissue formed around bone ends after a fracture.

    dead tissue that falls off from living flesh.

    difficult and painful menstruation.

    acute obstruction of upper airway in infants and children characterized by a barking cough with difficult or noisy breathing.

    controlled loss of sensation in the entire body associated with loss of consciousness after using medicines

    excessive development of breast in males due to hormonal imbalance