gymnastic exercises to achieve body fitness and increasing physical strength.

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    a highly contagious virus infection causing fever and severe body ache.

    any simple separation of normally joined parts.

    the process by which smaller and simpler compounds in the body combine to form larger, more complex compounds with the use of energy.

    a purplish patch caused by extravasation of blood into the skin

    a cancerous brain tumour consisting of small,  poorly differentiated cells.

    without fever

    a sac like structure containing fluid, e.g. urine in urinary bladder, bile in gall bladder.

    the breastbone.

    a machine with a rapidly rotating device designed to seperate liquids from solids or other liquids.

    a rare condition in which there is swelling of the joints

    the back of the head.

    a disorder of the central nervous system resulting in abnormal hardening of the tissues in the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms include vision loss, speech disorders and bladder abnormalities.

    infection of the central nervous system by syphilis causing bacteria.

    fixed muscle shortening

    having a disagreeable odour and taste.