a substance produced by one micro-organism, which stops the growth of other organisms.

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    cutting into the crown of a tooth.

    a microscopic organism multiplying in living cells and causing diseases.

    a grooved metal probe used to control the direction and depth of surgical incisions.

    the supply of nerve fibres functionally connected with a part.

    a metallic element; Insoluble salts of barium are often used in X-ray studies

    the condition of the eye in which rays from a long distance focus behind the retina; also known as long sightedness.

    the eating of excreted material

    a non-cancerous (benign) collection of tumour cells.

    the medical science concerned with all aspects of a disease.

    reaction of living tissues to changes in pressure.


    Any substance such as gold used for restoring the portion missing from a tooth as a result of decay

    a device constituting an artificial heart and an artificial lung to provide circulation and oxygenation of the blood during an open heart surgery.

    the branch of biology concerned with the complex interrelationships among living organisms

    manner of walking