the removal of calcium salts from bones or teeth.

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    a person's capacity to act purposefully, think rationally and deal effectively with the environment.

    a condition in which there is an abnormally reduced number of platelets in the blood.

    1. the female organ of milk secretion. 2.the pectoral surface of the thorax.

    of mental origin or causation.

    a device powered by an air pump, which converts a liquid to a fine spray for inhalation, often used by asthma sufferers

    an aggregate of red blood cells stacked like a pile of coins.

    determining the comparative power of different substances in stimulating the sensation of smell.

    the deliberate act of misrepresentation so as to deceive.

    the membrane of the middle ear.

    a form of treatment applied to certain kinds of mental and emotional disorders based on Freud's psychology.

    loss of control of the bladder or bowel.

    to remove, or to destroy the function of

    a small grain.

    to become powdery by losing the water of crystallization on exposure to dry atmosphere

    a form of a gene. The gene for every trait (outward appearance) may have various alleles - like the alleles for the eye colour gene. Alleles are situated at the same location on chromosomes. There

are always two alleles for every trait - one from each parent.