the liberation of the foetus from the lower birth canal in a normal delivery.

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    a change in the physical or mental condition of a person, regarded as evidence of a disease.

    an abnormal dilatation of a blood vessel in which the  wall is comprised of only part of the usual layers. It may result from injury or infection

    mental exaltation

    any small, nipple like projection.

    1. The process of joining two surfaces esp. of a wound. 2. Bands that connect opposing surfaces in the lung and abdominal cavities. 3. Molecular attraction between two bodies that are in contact.

    a tube used to allow passage of fluid from or into a body cavity.

    a slight increase in urinary albumin excretion.

    a unit of heat content or energy; often used to measure energy value of food.

    production or causation.

    a group of cells that release a hormone into the circulating blood in response to a neural stimulus.

    a sleep like state in which the subject acts only on external suggestion.

    a technique used to seperate and quantitate mixtures of substances in solution.

    the act or process by which an individual is rendered incapable of fertilization or reproduction as in vasectomy.

    a purplish patch caused by extravasation of blood into the skin

    a pathologic state in which there is an increase in the acid content of the blood.